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It’s About Time – “Un” Reality TV Outrage

Well at long last viewers have spoken up.  Reality TV is out of control.  The petition to remove the Kardashians from TV is in full Facebook swing, and long overdue.

The pheonemon of people becoming rich and famous for poking their faces in our homes is no longer acceptable with the amount of homeless and impoverished families on our soil.  Conspicous Consumption is so 1990’s, living within your means and helping others is the new cool.  At least with those who hope to raise kids with strong values and the ability to live well.

But, as well meaning as this is, the simplest way to boycott the Kardashians is to boycott them.  Just do not watch anything they are in, don’t buy any products they wear or advertise, don’t mention them in posts, tweets or news.  Once they do not generate money, no power on earth can keep them on TV or in movies.

Tyler Perry, I love your work, but I will not be watching your new movie if Kim is in it.  Follow suit, America and help all our children and grandchildren understand that tacky and sleazy are not acceptable life goals.

Happy parenting and grandparenting.


Does Facebook Cause Bad Parenting?


Facebook is a popular and useful social media site.  It’s great for keeping up with friends, family, and professional contacts.  For some grandparents it is the only way to keep up with their grandkids activities and accomplishments.

But, as with any technology, there is the possibility of misuse.  Some recent examples are; a grandmother who tried to broker the sale of her grandson on Facebook, a mother playing a Facebook game as her son drowns and another mother who shook her 3 month old son to death for crying while she played a Facebook game.

So what I want to know is does Facebook cause insanity or bad parenting?  In what reality is it ok to shake a 3 month old for crying no matter what you are doing?  Babies cry.  It is their only means of communicating hunger, thirst, wet bottoms, gas, sickness or just plain loneliness.  Don’t have sex if you are not prepared to deal with the crying of a baby.  Or if you don’t have a support system in place to help you when you are stressed.  Because, bottom line, BABIES CRY, a lot.

Hey granny, if you gave up a child for adoption 26 years ago, it is not a good idea to sell the child of the kid you kept to the one you gave up.  Duh.  And um, if your child is swimming or bathing, wait to use the computer until they are done.

Weighing in on the side of insanity, this story of a group of teens who drugged a young girl, gang  raped her and taped it and posted it on Facebook.  The acts are deplorable, but they were stupid enough to post it publicly and thus ensure their own justice is accomplished.

So parents and grandparents, please remember that real life takes priority over virtual life, even if virtual life is more fun.  After all, the consequences from real life are permanent, the consequences from virtual life end with the push of a button.