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Epically Stupid Parenting

This video speaks for itself.  Worst idea ever for a family outing.  What were they thinking?


Finally, Justice for the Children

This judge not only gave out the proper sentence for abusing the children, he told off the mother who was criminally neglectful of her children who depended on her to protect them.  By allowing not one, but two different men to live with her and abuse her children, she should lose custody of them.

We won’t even discuss why she would be living with two different men while having 5 children already.  Didn’t she understand how children are conceived?  And before anyone gets any sympathy for her, she was out drinking while her children were getting raped.  Disgusting.  This woman is the poster child for bad parenting.

Kudos to the judge; two consecutive life sentences plus 20 years for the pervert.