Epically Stupid Parenting

This video speaks for itself.  Worst idea ever for a family outing.  What were they thinking?


Great advice for parenting. Make them work for it…


Telling kids they’re great isn’t so good, schools find
Teachers tempering praise to push students
By Michael Alison Chandler, Sunday, January 15,10:35 PM

For decades, the prevailing wisdom in education was that high self-esteem would lead to high achievement. The theory led to an avalanche of daily affirmations, awards ceremonies and attendance certificates — but few, if any, academic gains.

Now, an increasing number of teachers are weaning themselves from what some call empty praise. Drawing on psychology and brain research, these educators aim to articulate a more precise, and scientific, vocabulary for praise that will push children to work through mistakes and take on more challenging assignments. Consider teacher Shar Hellie’s new approach in Montgomery County.

To get students through the shaky first steps of Spanish grammar, Hellie spent many years trying to boost their confidence. If someone couldn’t answer a question easily, she would coach him, whisper the…

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Finally, Justice for the Children

This judge not only gave out the proper sentence for abusing the children, he told off the mother who was criminally neglectful of her children who depended on her to protect them.  By allowing not one, but two different men to live with her and abuse her children, she should lose custody of them.

We won’t even discuss why she would be living with two different men while having 5 children already.  Didn’t she understand how children are conceived?  And before anyone gets any sympathy for her, she was out drinking while her children were getting raped.  Disgusting.  This woman is the poster child for bad parenting.

Kudos to the judge; two consecutive life sentences plus 20 years for the pervert.

At Long Last … Kaylani!


Princess Kaylani

Well, we’re all at the hospital and the drugs have been administered.  Now we just need Kaylani to come on out and play.

Ok 8.5 hours in and still no baby.  One very stubborn little princess.

After 16.5 hours of labor Princess Kaylani made her royal appearance to the court of servants.  7 pounds, 1.5 ounces of cute flesh and curly black hair let everyone know of Her displeasure by screaming at the top of her obviously healthy lungs.

We peons are appropriately impressed and anxiously await the opportunity to serve Her Royal Highness.

It’s About Time – “Un” Reality TV Outrage

Well at long last viewers have spoken up.  Reality TV is out of control.  The petition to remove the Kardashians from TV is in full Facebook swing, and long overdue.

The pheonemon of people becoming rich and famous for poking their faces in our homes is no longer acceptable with the amount of homeless and impoverished families on our soil.  Conspicous Consumption is so 1990’s, living within your means and helping others is the new cool.  At least with those who hope to raise kids with strong values and the ability to live well.

But, as well meaning as this is, the simplest way to boycott the Kardashians is to boycott them.  Just do not watch anything they are in, don’t buy any products they wear or advertise, don’t mention them in posts, tweets or news.  Once they do not generate money, no power on earth can keep them on TV or in movies.

Tyler Perry, I love your work, but I will not be watching your new movie if Kim is in it.  Follow suit, America and help all our children and grandchildren understand that tacky and sleazy are not acceptable life goals.

Happy parenting and grandparenting.